Pew Leaflet - 4 July 2021



Cancelled Parish Bring and Braai Sunday 27th June ~ Please note that in light of the "Third Wave", there will be no Parish Bring and Braai this Sunday.

Suspended Church Services as of 4th July ~ It has been decided to suspend all physical church services as of Sunday 4th July until further notice. This decision has not been taken lightly and the situation will be reviewed on a fortnightly basis. In the same vein, only in cases of emergency, will a pastoral visit take place at home but not in hospital.Online services will continue as usual and you are urged to participate.

Sunday Online Holy Eucharist at 8am

Wednesday Online Holy Eucharist at 9am

Winter Blanket Appeal ~ Please drop off a blanket at the office for the needy


(Answers will be in next week’s leaflet)

  1. What group of peaople captured the ark of the covenant?
  2. Who was God's chosen disciple to the Gentiles, Kings and the children of Israel?
  3. What did Job have all over his body?
  4. Where did Samuel go to anoint Daid as king?
  5. How many men in the Bible are known to have never died a mortal death?
  6. What is the ninthcommandment?

Previous week’s Challenge answers

  1. Who said, "Pick me up and throw me into the sea? Jonah (Jonah 1:12)
  2. Which one of these disciples was not a fisherman: John, James, Andrew, or Matthew? Matthew (Matthew 10:3)
  3. To what did Jesus drive the demons of Gadar into? A herd of swine (pigs) (Matthew 8:32)
  4. Which state was known as the southern kingdom of Israel? Judah
  5. How many sons did Jacob have? Twelve (Genesis 35:22)
  6. What is the eighth commandment? You shall not steal (Exodus 20:15)


Worship is the cornerstone of our being and we conduct at least three Communion services a week as well as regular prayer meetings and Bible Study.

Special ‘Godly Play’ takes place each Sunday for our younger members. Fun and fellowship is not neglected with frequent get-togethers in the form of Supper Clubs,

Ladies and Men’s Breakfasts and any excuse for a party. A special prayer room is situated at the back of the Church and is open all day for the benefit of those seeking a time of quiet and reflection.

Our facilities are available for baptisms, weddings, funerals or other special services. Our church hall, able to accommodate 100 people can be booked for meetings or such occasions.

We offer our time, talents and resources to God’s service and in love to our neighbours.


Our Rector and shepherd is Revd. Martin Tifflin who can be contacted through the office.

The Church office is open from 8am to 12.30 on weekdays. Please feel free to give us a call.